Hello there and thanks for coming over to my music blog post!

Over the past few weekends, i have been spending time in my home surrounded by my fave candles and vinyls (that i have pinned to the walls) as well as piled high by the sofa ready to chuck onto the record player.

I realised i have totally neglected my favourite songs and my favourite styles for so long because well, life happens and sometimes you just put the radio on in the car for your commute, and that can be the only music i hear on some days, which is not ideal!

I have just got a new car so i can FINALLY have Jazz FM blasting wherever i go whenever the bloody heck i want which is AMAZING because some of my favourite artists ever ever are played on there with out interruption.

If you are anything like me, you’ll know what it means to have those absolute bangers in your life that you play endlessly (but then end up detesting after a few weeks)

But these songs for this months playlist can NEVER get boring.

Happy listening!