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Groundhog Day in The Arts

Updated: Jun 23

Groundhog Day and The BEAST.....

Written by Francesca Mepham

It feels like a dream right now doesn’t it? Being in the Arts means you are not planning ahead, to sound like a cliché you take each day at a time, as anything can happen. In the case of 2020, it did. As a Musician a lot of my performing work gives me a couple of weeks-notice tops, but once the merciless beast of the Covid 19 pandemic drew its claws in to the World, I knew everything had changed.

Like many artists I had (and still have) the mixed emotions of fear of the pandemic, but I am worried about the little work there is right now in the Arts. My main body of work and income are bookings to sing at Wedding and Funeral ceremonies, but with the Health and Safety restrictions on Funeral attendees and Wedding ceremonies being suspended for the foreseeable future as well as places of worship bring closed to congregations, in a blink of an eye this work has come to a temporary halt. The financial implications are terrifying, I am not going to sugar coat this as we are feeling that fear in the Arts, it is a fact.

I have been scared that every day has become a “Groundhog day” although a sense of hope is creeping in to the back of my mind. I have been working on a few things including writing new theatre pieces and recording live versions of songs that I love and have wanted to record for a while as promo, which is really therapeutic, as I am going to be honest, I miss performing live! OK, I may have continued a family tradition of baking cakes and that has been a real positive of being at home, but also has the joy of creating my own work and my own opportunities until my work as a vocalist can continue again.

Believe me, you are not alone if you sometimes just want to sit in your pj’s and watch a Netflix series whilst eating chocolate mini-rolls, we all have those days! Do not feel a sense of guilt for not being continuously productive, you will have bad days and I can’t stress this enough. Keep practising your craft and creativeness by all means, although not because you feel a sense of duty to do so.

New normal? Yes we have got this, the future can be anything we want it to be. This year (so far!), has brought so much change on so many different levels, unimaginable just six months ago. We are essentially a new generation or we have the opportunity to be one, lets be driven by hope and love. The Arts will thrive again and most importantly you will too.

Francesca is a classically trained singer and writer. She performs all over the UK at ceremonies and events. Her blog Frantastic View, was nominated for a Blogger Recognition Award in 2017.

Francesca's Plays are regularly performed at theatre's including the Tristan Bates Theatre, London.

Catch Francesca with her amazing vocals here.

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