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How to stay Motivated as a Creative Soul

How to stay motivated as an actor?

I used to have a slight dilemma that often left me face planted into my sofa some Monday mornings. It can be quite daunting as a creative soul to constantly self-motivate and drive forward in pursuit of your dream lifestyle. Some days you feel like you can move those mountains and abseil down the other side to victory. Others, even one small step seems a tough one.

The other thing is, there appears to be so many people worldwide, who have mastered the freelance thing and live harmoniously, filled to the brim with constant happiness, motivation and success. UGH.

*How do I have a booming online presence along with a strong performance career across the globe generating an income so I can eat and sleep and be warm oooooh will I ever get a holiday because lord knows I deserve one from all the procrastinating I do*

Stop right there.

I said this to myself. My mindset was all out of sync and I am much more than the constant feeling of dread and financial uncertainty that I ALLOW to slip into my personal sphere.

It’s not only draining on your creativity but also rather boring to be constantly worrying, thinking ahead and patrolling with the fun police because you are so ensconced in becoming the next Shirley Mclane.

My friends, we need not stress and compare ourselves to people we don’t know on the internet. The internet is good at creating lifestyles for the gram that only show the good stuff. So, when thinking about how to stay motivated, I have thrown together a few rules and regs I try and stick to, that you can chuck into your routine to get yourself back in control of your creative endeavours.

Put Out Content

A lot of time is wasted scrolling intro oblivion until your thumb starts throbbing, looking at what other people are doing to be successful. Why not use this time to create your own online presence and put out content that might help other people who aren’t as far along as you? Everyone has something to say whatever field they are in. Upload that singing vid you wanted to record or film some monologues to inspire people, whatever your thing is. This is another stream of creativity that doesn’t require anyone else’s approval for you to do it. So, on those inevitable quiet days when your thinking how to stay motivated, take control and create something.

Create Clear Visions

I used to think I didn’t need a plan as an actor, because how can I possibly have a five-year plan when I have to accept whatever projects come my way BECAUSE THEY HARDLY EVER DO.


What does your ideal day look like, everyday? If you had zero limits? Design your perfect day from start to finish and slowly begin to build your goals around your vision. Having personal goals that don’t relate to acting is always beneficial because you gain experience and awareness in other fields. If you struggle with goal setting, start with writing down three to five things you are grateful for each day and research how to set goals – there are plenty of online tools. How to stay motivated suddenly got a whole lot clearer.

Have a Place to Be

As a creative freelancer and lone ranger in the arts world, it’s important to have a routine in place and somewhere you need to be. It’s easy to forget that we are all in this journey together as actors, even though we often feel it’s only happening to us and no one else could possibly be going through the same thing! It isn’t the simplest task to find a part time, non-soul-destroying job that offers some flexibility, but those jobs do exist and they give you freedom for personal projects, financial stability of some kind and a chance to take your mind off the whole acting thing for a few hours a week.

Read up on your Best People

I LOVE Michael Flatley he is my absolute hero and I will stop right here before I essay vom all over this blog. So, I read his book and although I am certainly not a highly skilled, 1284 taps per second Irish Dancer, I can relate to his journey and tales of struggle, loss, love and commitment to his passion before getting to where he wanted to be. Getting inspired by people you admire is a BRILLIANT tool when you’re wondering how to stay motivated. It might even give you a few ideas that you can steal and try out for yourself.

Limit time spent with the ‘Neg Spreaders’

I just made that word up. I like it.

Sometimes without realising, we crave attention from friends/family/lovers who don’t necessarily deserve our time. The people we surround ourselves with can often have the opposite affect on us than what they should. Not everyone is going to understand your dreams and it can suck the motivation you have worked so hard to build, right out of you. Find those bright, life lovers and gravitate towards them because they will lift you higher and get you feeling good.

Step off the Gas

As long as you are working hard towards your ultimate goals and supporting yourself financially and feeling good about your life, there is little more you can do. You are constantly moving forward no matter your pace, which is the most important thing to remember. Leave the ‘How’ to the universe, you only need to worry about your visions and the rest will work itself out.

Step off the gas from time to time and find other things that bring joy into your life, the richer and more varied your personal experience, the better actor you will become.

There you have it, my take on how to stay motivated as a creative soul! If you enjoyed this blog, you can read my others here. Or follow me on Instagram @georgiatuoblog


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