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Music Recording Software – A Beginners Guide

Getting started with music recording software is easier than you think. Setting up a home studio takes months of planning and research and money and blaaaaaah, right? Actually, no. This is smashing news when studio time and production can be very pricey before you have even set foot in side a studio.

I have spent countless chunks of previous pay checks booking into studios because I thought there was some form of magic ingredient that I didn’t have access to. I realised, with a little research, I can record myself at home, professionally and with studio standard music recording software and so can you!

There is such a thing as too cheap so we don’t want to cut too many corners when purchasing music recording software. Once you have your software of choice, your all set to set up your home studio.


Choosing your first software is quite an important decision and it will enable you to develop your skills as you progress. Unless you are already going for a free software, trying the free trials that different software provides, is always a good idea. Researching and You tube watching to see if it seems like your kind of thing, is really useful too.

What is DAW?

In case you were wondering, DAW stands for digital audio workstation and is a fancy way of saying ‘software to record music with’. It’s a software that can be used for Mac and Windows that provides you the user, a visual interface that allows you to do all your editing, mastering, cutting and copying etc.

Below is my list of music recording software that I have found to be the best for my projects…

FL Studio Producer Edition 12 Music Production Software

Fruity Loops! One of my friends recommended FL to me when I was first starting out with recording and I had NO idea about anything. This software edition saved me from all my production anxiety because it was so straight forward to use! Beginners, it is all you need in one bundle for arranging, recording, composing, editing, mixing and mastering to a very high quality, professional standard. The music recording software that gets my number one vote. Ps. It also gives you lifetime updates.

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio Recording Bundle

So, this is a perfect little collection for any beginner, I recorded my first voice reel at home using this music recording software. In addition to the Pro Tools software that comes with the bundle, it also includes the basic equipment you’ll need for home recording. The interface is easy to navigate and built well. The mic is a decent quality, can be used with any laptop and iPad providing crystal clear quality. It’s a simple set up for this one and Focus rite have support staff available for any technical questions you might have. Pro tools offer extensive editing features and also, cloud collaboration. You can record and edit audio on a project from more than one location.

Ableton Live 9 Suite DAW Software

Ableton Live 9 Suite is a great choice for recording live music, hence the name. It connects the studio to live performance and lets you do a lot more in real time. This music recording software product comes with multi track audio recording which is one of the best features it has. This music recording software isn’t particularly simple for beginners, but if you watch the various tutorials available and stick with it, you can pick it up in around a month’s time.

Logic Pro

Last but not least! Logic pro can be quite overwhelming as a beginner when you first come to use it. With some research and practise it becomes very easy to use and has a clear, slick look on screen simplifying it further. There is no free trial with this when you down load it to your laptop but there are plenty of online tutorials to ease you into it. For beginners, Logic Pro is an advanced software which will help you develop on your production journey.

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