• Georgia Tuohey

My New Release

Hey World.

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog.

It would be great to know your thoughts so feel free to get in touch. Or for anything at all - I'd love to know about any new music you are listening to, or what new creative things you have been doing since lock down.

For me, I have been listening to as much new music as i can, trying to support independent artists as much as possible and engaging with new genres i'd never normally listen too. ( like COUNTRY! love itttttt) I have been working in music for a long time and have never really 'found my sound'. I have been using lock down to try and figure that out but lord knows its just not that simple!

Wrote to some beats and thought i was going to release my first single with a big dramatic pop sound with loads of harmonies and a big marketing campaign, but that just didn't feel like me.

I teamed up with Hookers Songs to create what you will soon be able to listen to everywhere, which is a bit crazy for me since i usually just sing covers and write for other artists! Its stripped back and raw, capturing my favorite day of the week and that really is all there is to it.

Other songs are already in the works and who knows where the journey may take me, i just hope you enjoy it.

Times like the current are when we need music the most to share a little light, what songs have you been listening to to help you through?



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