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The Best Self Care Tips for Actors

Sometimes you have to be a little selfish to become selfless. Everything begins and ends with YOU. How can you give your best in every aspect of your life when you aren’t giving yourself the TLC you need? It’s inevitable we will grind to a knackering halt when we try burning the candle at both ends, and this is SO easy to do when you are a performer.

Every so often we need to re charge those batteries and do whatever it is we love to get us thinking and feeling, as great as possible.

Here is a combination of personal self care tips I have gathered from my own, regular self-care routine and my fellow performer friends.

Reading & Watching

Read as much as you can of the things you love and don’t feel like these always have to be plays and scripts just because you’re an actor. Read something totally different, positive and that sparks new ideas. I read one page of a gratitude book I love, every morning with my coffee and it honestly makes me feel like I can tackle anything. Watching You tube is a brilliant tool to fill your brain with motivational magic from people like Gary Vee and Tim Ferriss. Or just shove on Netflix and have a big fat binge! Whatever you love to read and watch, do it without guilt for a day.

Indulge in Smellies

Sounds a bit odd? Think it’s my favourite tip actually. Get yourself (or order online to your door because this is self-care we are talking about) down to your local beauty outlet and treat yourself to some glorious smelling fizzy weird things and some body butter that’ll have you smelling like a golden angel. Tan, nails, hair trim, whatever! Do something lovely for yourself in terms of beauty treatments and you’ll feel content. Ps. Don’t feel bad about spending your money on bath bombs.

Get Moving

Boring snoring to be the person always talking about exercise BUT it honestly transforms the way you feel. Daunting at first if you aren’t already a regular, but the feeling afterwards far out weighs any anxious thoughts you had prior. Get to the gym, or a yoga class, go for a walk out doors. Nature does wonders for our mentality. We spend so much time looking down into a screen, breathing fresh air and looking ahead is a simple, yet wonderful pleasure.


In contrast, I urge you to eat whatever the heck you like. Carbs of any kind, chocolate, pizza GO FOR IT. Not on a regular basis mind, but once a month have a good old gauge on those naughty bites you always have your eye on when shopping and probably never give in too. It’s about balance and you have to give yourself a little bit of what you fancy every so often. I literally love carrot cake and I will continue to eat large slices every so often and thoroughly enjoy them.

Learn to Love yourself

You should be your biggest fan, you’re blummin brilliant! Practise loving yourself unconditionally because this is so fulfilling in many ways. You are so confident in a non-arrogant way that you invite greatness into your life because you understand that you deserve it. Spending time alone is one of my favourite things to do, I turn my phone off and just be. It’s great. This is one of my fave self care tips.

Find a good podcast

Podcasts are GREAT. Advisable to listen mostly (if you can) at your muggle job so it motivates you in those dragging hours. They are so great because you can listen anywhere while you are doing something else. I love the Joe Rogan podcast as well as The Honest Actors Podcast – This is a great one to gain an insight into the trials and tribs of other actors on their journeys.

Keep a journal

Journal, goal setting, dreamlining whatever you want to call it. Keeping track of your goals and when you’d like to achieve them, along with everything you are grateful for, are brilliant tools to put your plans into a reality. Keeping some form of journal is also another form of creativity which you never know, might come in handy for a project!

Be social

You don’t have time for any negative vibes when you are out here building your creative career! You need a great support unit around you and trust worthy people who can help you take a short break from it and allow you to let your hair down. Get your good time pals together and do something fun, nothing beats belly laughing until it hurts with people you love.


Get those hours in. Have a whole day in bed if you fancy! Creative freelancing can leave us feeling like we don’t know how to switch off. So when you have a day to yourself, don’t you dare feel guilty about staying in your pit all day if you want too. There aint no self care tips as good as this one.

There you have it! Self care tips for actors and anyone in any creative industry that probably needs a good relax and never gives themselves any time off!

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