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The Truth About Vocal Zones

Vocal health is as important for the actor as it is for a singer who is constantly whacking those vocal folds together (In a healthy way of course) and its imperative that we know how best to take care of our voices even when we aren’t using them as often.

Unlike Vocal Zones, many high street throat care brands offer no real help in caring for you throat. They often contain anaesthetic agents that numb your throat further, instead of strengthening it back to good health. Benzocaine is a compound found in High street vocal sweets and acts as an anaesthetic agent. Vocal Zones don’t contain Benzocaine so they won’t hide any under lying vocal damage when you use them.

There are known benefits to the three main ingredients used in Vocal Zones, they are gluten and lactose free and suitable for vegans. Vocal Zones can be purchased online or in stores around the UK.

With the misconceptions and myths that have surrounded Vocal Zones and how they work, I wanted to compile a list below, of the things that make them great.

Essential Oils

Vocal Zones are made using three essential oils which are known for their amazing healing qualities. Vocal Zones contain myrrh tincture, peppermint oil and menthol. The myrrh within the vocal zones acts as an anti-inflammatory on the vocal folds which provides the most help. Once you chew the Vocal Zones, the vapour released is inhaled deeply into your throat, working its magic.

Using Them

Vocal Zones don’t solve voice pain or loss of voice, this is when you should see a doctor. They are best used before a vocal performance of any kind. If you are a singer, it’s good to use one mid set before your second act to keep you fresh. Whether you are a performer, teacher, sales person or leader, Vocal Zones are your friend and are used constantly by industry professionals and big names like Madonna and Rihanna.


When you are using Vocal Zones, it is important to incorporate some voice recovery into your routine also.

Smoking – If you are a smoker (some of the best singers are long term smokers), then any recovery that you undertake, isn’t going to be effective because smoking is the worst thing you can put your voice through.

Water – Drink water as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. This wakes up all of your internal organs and lubricates your throat after a long eight hours sleep without hydration. Stay hydrated always especially in the run up to a performance of any kind.

Throat Clearing – Your vocal folds are extremely delicate and thin, which is amazing considering they create and sustain amazing sounds. They vibrate together when sound is made and if this is happening incorrectly, they slam together rather than flow. Clearing your throat is very unhelpful and forces your vocal folds together, try and avoid this where you can.

Rest – When your looking into voice rest, one of the main things is to ensure you are getting enough sleep at night. When I have really long days, even if I have stayed hydrated, my voice is the first thing to dry and weaken. So rest up yall.


Obviously if you have too much of anything, then it loses its goodness so I wouldn’t be getting through a packet of them a day. There are some worries that surround the menthol contained in Vocal Zones however, the concentration of menthol used in them is at a very safe level, so it is not going to hinder your journey back to vocal strength.

There are various home remedies you can easily implement into your daily routine to help get rid of a sore throat and keep your vocal health in check. Take a look below.

Ginger Tea

Ginger can help sore throats in various ways. It can provide some pain relief as an anti-inflammatory when you are having trouble with a sore throat. It also boosts immunity to help fight infections that cause sore throats. The benefits of ginger don’t stop there, drinking it with lemon and honey is one of the best and scientifically proven ways, of helping heal your throat and keep it healthy. One a day should do the trick. The best place to buy ginger tea is online or in your local store.

Salt Water

It’s really gross, but what it does best, is help wipe out bacteria while loosening mucus and easing any pain you might have. Shove half a tea spoon into a cup of warm water and gargle away.

Manuka Honey

Honey is one of the best remedies for a sore throat because it contains natural antibacterial properties enabling it to act as a healer. It offers immediate relief for pain while working to reduce inflammation. It can also kill bacteria in your throat. It can be pricey to buy in stores, online is the best place to purchase.

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